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Services We Provide


We are always updating and innovating, providing lighting solutions that will transform, enhance, and engage your audience. With a wide range of moving lights, conventional lighting, and special fx we can fulfill all your design needs, including designing and programming custom shows. Our products include Elation, Martin, MA, ETC and more. We are ready to help you bring your event to the next level. 


Our name references lighting, yes, however this is simply to ensure that lighting doesn't get left behind. We offer a wide range of audio solutions for any size of event and have the expertise to deliver on everything you need. Audio is the backbone of a great event and we have the expertise to deliver this at the highest levels. 


Providing top quality visuals is a must to represent your event to your audience in the best way possible. We carry a wide range of screens, projectors, and LED video wall for any event, helping you to engage your audience and deliver stunning visual elements. 

Project Managment

Production Management is where the event organization and the technical execution come together. This includes production planning, design, logistical organization, install, and take down. We work with our clients to provide one point of contact, helping to execute their vision and solve any problems that come up along the way. Our goal is to have our clients feeling stress free and able to enjoy their event to the fullest.

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